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Female, 4-5 years of age, 79 pounds, GSD Saddleback


Amber's owner passed away and no family members were able to save her from being placed in a local shelter. Unfortunately, Amber's kennel behavior is very poor making her adoption very difficult. The rescue has full information on her owners history as she was rehomed by her original owners. She truly is a one or two owner GSD. Once she trusts a person, she is very loyal and loving as any German Shepherd Dog. When she meets a person at her cage/barrier, she displays significant aggression. For the novice dog owner, this can be quite intimidating. 

Due to her kennel behavior, she will need a foster home who has the honest intention of adopting her. The last thing this girl needs is another lost home. She will require a home that doesn't have a lot of visitors. She needs exercise and more social stimulation. Walks out in the public would greatly benefit her demeanor. 


Adoption Fee: $200 which includes, Spay, Rabies,DHPPA, Bordetella/Heartworm Test/ Hook and Round Deworming, Microchip, Heartworm and Flea Preventative, and starter package of premium dog food. 


  • One or Two person home

  • Children 16+

  • A very experienced GSD person who understands Amber's specific needs

  • A fully-fenced yard

  • A patient and committed family

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