Do you have any puppies?

No, never. Well, hardly ever. In 2014, I had two sets of litters that I pulled from shelters due to neglect and medical concerns. When I posted the puppies on the website, I had a hard time managing all the inquiries. There were so many disappointed families because there were only 14 pups total and over 40 applications. I've learned and frankly understand that when a person or family wants a GSD pup, then gosh darn it, they are going to get one. Whether they must purchase the pup at a ridiculously overpriced glorified puppy mill, from a backyard breeder, from any breeder, from anywhere...they will have their puppy. Interested adopters state that they want a pup because they have children an

That dang fence requirement

If you're a GSD owner who has a fence, you can't imagine life without one. A volunteer once stated, "Who the hell wouldn't want a fence?" I had to giggle in my response because it makes complete logical sense to us fence owners. The ease of opening your door to the wide world of freedom is never taken for granted. Watching your shepherd safely run without a tether provides a deep sense of satisfaction. There is little worry of anyone coming into contact with the dog, the dog making contact with another dog or stranger, and they get to enjoy their wild sense of wander. Those who cannot have a fence due to HOA regulations, afford to install a fence, or simply don't want a fence, cannot underst

Is this shelter GSD adoptable?

Over the years, as sad as it is and how counter it is to the idea of rescue, there have been 5 rescued German Shepherds that ultimately revealed they could not be safely adopted. Of those lost souls, only one was euthanized almost immediately after being pulled. This particular boy I named Hero was classified as "Use Caution" which creates waning concern after pulling hundreds under this same advisement. Any one who is familiar with the GSD in shelters, know they are extremely stressed and can present alarming behavior. I have lost count of the number of shepherds who showed teeth, growled, lunged at the kennel gate, who ultimately were adopted and are now incredibly loved. These dogs were g

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