I want a tall man with dark hair and hazel eyes

That was my dream guy however not who I ultimately married. I find it humorous when an applicant states they want a very specific look of a dog. In their mind, they have this particular dog and they look quite enviously cool walking down the street with it. I have had applicants describe in great detail what they are willing to adopt; must be black and tan, saddleback, erect ears, dark eyes, over 80 pounds, under one year of age, medium coat, tail must touch floor. Receiving an application for a shepherd that clearly won’t work in a home is an obvious clue the person applied solely based on appearance. I suppose that is the way of this world; to want the most attractive, have the most expens

I've always wanted a Shepard, Sheperd, Shephard....

The correct name is German Shepherd Dog. Notice the "herd" at the end of Shepherd and what that may implicate. Each time I hear someone say they've always wanted a GSD or read an email stating this fact, I automatically wonder, "Do they know what they are getting themselves into?" Years ago, I had a well-manicured back and front yard. Perennials lined my garage and my grass was healthy and dense. I used to sit on my back steps and enjoy the peacefulness of my landscaping efforts. I used to spend hours every Saturday afternoon sculpting hedges, edging, and mowing. Fast forward in time to having five GSDs. The perennials succumbed a long time ago. There are now only the bravest patches of gras

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