Phoebe & Horace (Mother and Son BONDED pair)

Phoebe, Female, Black GSD, 75 pounds, 4.5 years of age

Horace, Male, Bi-Color GSD, 70 pounds, 12 months of age

Phoebe came to the rescue with her 5 pups due to a confiscation case. All of her pups had been adopted. Horace was returned because the adoptive family's dog would not accept Horace. When he was adopted Phoebe went into a deep depression. When he returned, Phoebe's entire demeanor changed. They are VERY bonded. They have only been separated for a short time. Each day at the rescue, they play, eat and sleep together.


Temperament: Both have outstanding temperaments. Phoebe is very obedient and gentle-natured. She is eager to please. Horace is your typical young GSD. He is active, curious, and loves affection. They should be adopted as only pets. Phoebe is naturally protective over Horace. Because of her ball drive, a home without cats or small animals is required. They are good with children however Horace is very strong and active so the best home is with children 12+. 



  • Fully fenced yard

  • No other pets

  • Children 12+ years of age

  • GSD experienced home is required

Adoption Fee: $600 which includes Spay/Neuter, Rabies,DHPPA, Bordetella/Heartworm Test/ Hook and Round Deworming, Microchip, Heartworm and Flea Preventative, starter bag of grain-free premium dog food.