Detailed information can no longer be shared via social media due to mean-spirited individuals. Although there may be little information posted, this does not mean that the group of individuals dedicated to bringing Ghost home, are not hard at work. 


Date: August 25, 2019


There was a possible sighting the evening of August 24th near his usual route however there is no confirmation that it was Ghost. His usual route consists of SR 135 southbound from Indianapolis and the southeast side Indy (sighted in the past near Thompson Road, South Keystone, 4300 South Meridian Street). 

Please continue to keep your eyes open and report any possible sightings to the phone numbers listed. Don't send Facebook messages because by the time someone sees it, Ghost will be long gone out of the area. Do you absolute best to get a photo for confirmation.

Here are the numbers again to CALL: 




Ghost has soft ears (they are not erect). His nose is colored light brown and black, not all black. He should be wearing two collars (one is a GPS tracker). 

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