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Male,2 years, 70 pounds, Shepherd/Husky mix

Sama has experienced quite a bit for a young dog. When his owner was arrested during a drug raid, a shelter contacted the rescue for assistance due to his aggression. Based on observation, Sama behaves very much like an adult shepherd when behind a door/cage door/gate. He shows his teeth, growls, and lunges at strangers.I believe this behavior was encouraged by his former owner to encourage protection. 

Once he is outside of his containment area, he relaxes. Although his behavior has improved greatly, he still needs work toward directed trust. Commonly dogs who were in negative environments, prefer the company of women. This is the case for Sama. He seems to prefer woman versus men. 

Sama plays well in groups of dogs but as with any pup, he is trying to figure out his pack order. He is extremely playful but may not do well with a dominant male or female dog. 

Due to his temperament and history, Sama must go to a home without children. He needs a home that has the time needed to focus on providing Sama positive-based obedience. Much work has been done to lay the foundation of trust for Sama but he needs a loving home that has the patience and will power to further his improvement to control his protective nature.

The rescue is happy to provide adopter resources of local trainers.

Ideal Home: 

  • Fully fenced yard is required

  • Friendly young male or female dog equal size

  • Not currently a good match for homes with children

  • Active lifestyle owners

  • Sama prefers female humans versus male humans

Adoption Fee: $225 which includes  Neuter, Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella/Heartworm Test/ Two Rounds of Deworming, Microchip, Starter Bag of Dog Food, Heartworm and Flea Preventative. 

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