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Do you have any puppies?

No, never. Well, hardly ever. In 2014, I had two sets of litters that I pulled from shelters due to neglect and medical concerns. When I posted the puppies on the website, I had a hard time managing all the inquiries. There were so many disappointed families because there were only 14 pups total and over 40 applications.

I've learned and frankly understand that when a person or family wants a GSD pup, then gosh darn it, they are going to get one. Whether they must purchase the pup at a ridiculously overpriced glorified puppy mill, from a backyard breeder, from any breeder, from anywhere...they will have their puppy. Interested adopters state that they want a pup because they have children and want to make sure their kids are safe. Or, adopters admit they want the dog as long as possible and all I usually have are adults or senior shepherds. I always appreciate people asking a rescue first.

I'm asked, "Why do I have so many seniors? Aren't they hard to adopt?" YEAH, they are. The shepherds who are over 8 years of age will be at my rescue for many months. I fully expect this and can only work as hard as possible to market them to the right audience. The word "rescue" implies saving animals that would likely be euthanized in a traditional city shelter system. Puppies, GSD wiggle butts, young GSDs who lick your fingers at the cage are rare in deed. My question should be to those regarding the number of seniors I have, "How could anyone leave a senior behind?" They deserve a family too. I once glanced through my shepherds at the rescue and imagined each one of them as a puppy. I couldn't help but smile.

Oddly, I feel very lucky to have the shepherds I have in my care. I feel sorry for those who won't know how truly wonderful they are. Each one has a special characteristic that is all theirs. Hazel will stage-dive herself into your lap as if she's a still a young shepherd. Opal, will patrol the dog runs by trotting in large circles all while holding a tennis ball in her mouth. She gives very lovely kisses. Oh, and there's Jojo who could be the sweetest dog on the planet. When you enter her cage, she looks up at you with such an innocence, that it makes your heart melt. She will gladly show you her belly...she gets so happy she "tinkles" just a bit. She'll quickly look embarrassed. I always reassure her, it's "Ok." Georgia has epic expressions that conveys her emotions without concealment. She is a firecracker but when she's in her kennel, she just wants to lounge with her feet in the air.

I don't have pups, but I have some amazing seniors who I feel blessed to keep safe until a lovely soul finds it within them to adopt... for a lifetime... no matter how long or short, that may be.

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