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GSD Rescue Indy proudly operates as a sanctuary and a rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 2011, over one thousand German Shepherd Dogs have been saved, many who faced euthanasia due to age, behavior, and or medical concerns. 


Adoption Requirements

  • Adopters must have owned or currently own a German Shepherd Dog.

  • Fenced yards are required, no underground electric fences. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Adopters must live within 100 miles maximum distance from downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. 

  • Adopters must live in a single-dwelling housing. No condos or apartments.


Adopter Profile

GSD Rescue Indy is seeking adopters who have owned the breed and understand the unique qualities the breed possesses. Experience with their protective nature, herding, and prey drive is paramount to a successful adoption.

The rescue provides adopters with as much temperament information as possible, however it is the adopter's responsibility to put forth effort to ensure a positive and safe experience.

Commitment is a must. All of the rescued shepherds had been abandoned, abused, neglected, or discarded. It is the primary goal of the rescue to ensure with its greatest ability, that it will never happen again.  

To see the adoptable dogs, please visit the rescue's Facebook page or Threads app for the most current shepherds.

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