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The majority of the German Shepherd Dogs at GSD Rescue Indy were either facing euthanasia or were classified as "rescue-only" from the shelters in which they were saved.


Adoption Requirements

  • Adopters must have owned or currently own a German Shepherd Dog.

  • Fenced yards are required, no underground electric fences. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Adopters must live within 100 miles maximum distance from downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. 

  • Adopters must live in a single-dwelling housing. No condos or apartments.


Adopter Profile

GSD Rescue Indy is primarily a sanctuary. Those seeking a pup or a dog who must peacefully cohabitate with small dogs, cats, visitors, numerous other dogs, or small children may have a hard time finding an appropriate fit.


The average age of the shepherds at the sanctuary is 5 years of age. Dogs with a bite history or who are aggressive with strangers must be adopted through an extended process and adopters must meet additional requirements.


Highest priority is given to adopters who have no other pets or small children. The rescue expects adopters to provide training, patience, and foresee any potential problems with unexpected visitors if shepherd is protective. New shepherds may experience anxiety, confusion, desire to flee, etc. Patience and commitment is key and necessary when adopting from this rescue. 

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