Owner Assistance

The rescue exists to save GSDs who are in shelters ONLY. If you cannot keep your GSD, reach out to friends and family first through social media to ensure the dog goes to a safe home. The rescue does not assist with vet care bills or provide medical advice. Please contact your trusted veterinarian regarding all medical concerns. 

If you need training assistance, please contact the rescue's preferred business,  Indy Downtown Doggie


This rescue does not use foster homes.

Found Strays

If you harbor a stray dog, you are then responsible for the care of the animal for a minimum of two weeks. Marion Country (Indianapolis) requires those who take in strays, to actively search for dog's owner for two weeks. You aren't allowed to keep the dog or find the dog a home until you have made serious efforts to find the owner. 

The rescue will NOT take in a stray that a person has found. If you cannot keep a found stray for two weeks, please call your local animal welfare agencies for assistance.  

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