Owner Assistance

The rescue exists to save GSDs who are in shelters only. If you cannot keep your GSD, reach out to friends and family first through social media to ensure the dog goes to a safe home. The rescue does not assist with vet care expenses, owner surrenders or provide medical advice. Please contact your trusted veterinarian regarding all medical concerns. 

If you need training assistance, please contact the rescue's preferred business,  Indy Downtown Doggie. The staff personally owns working breeds, are educated at the The Tom Rose School, and has a facility with all types of training options to fit one's specific financial and personal needs.


This rescue does not use foster homes. If a dog may benefit from a home setting, the dog would be placed in a home with the owner of the rescue or personal and trusted acquaintances. 


Although the rescue is a shelter, volunteer opportunities are not available to the public. A small number of select, experienced and trusted people assist with walking dogs and kennel cleaning. Due to the nature of the breed, this dynamic has proven less stressful and efficient. If you want to volunteer at a shelter, you may want to contact Indianapolis Animal Care Services or The Humane Society of Indianapolis who have programs to accommodate large groups of volunteers.