Instead of posting photos of all the GSDs, it is more efficient to show only the dogs that match an approved family's needs. Based on the information provided by the applicant, the rescue then determines if it has an appropriate shepherd.


The rescue/sanctuary primarily saves dogs that are harder to adopt due to their age, medical condition, and or temperament concerns. Adopters with GSD experience is highly preferred. Kindly review the requirements before inquiring about adoption.


Please send an email of interest to: 

Subject: Interested in Adoption

Provide age, gender, and temperament requirements.

Once the submitted application has been received and reviewed, adopters will receive a call to discuss specific needs of each family. This is to ensure, prior to meeting in person, that the rescue has a good match ensuring a safe and pleasant experience.

If potential match is found, adopters have a 5-day grace period. If adopted GSD is not a good match, the shepherd must returned directly to the rescue and a full refund is provided.

All family members must be present during meeting. Only one meeting per family is available due to time constraints of running a dog kennel. Please plan accordingly. 

IMPORTANT: The rescue cannot test for cat friendliness. For those who currently have dogs, and want a full assessment of potential shepherd, an outside professional assessment by a Master Trainer is available through Indy Downtown Doggie for a nominal fee. Families are provided a 7-day grace period to ensure compatibility.